Children can pose many challenges when it comes to medication, they may be fearful of injections, have difficulty swallowing solid dosage forms such as pills or capsules, dislike the taste or texture or resist having to take medication all together. That coupled with the fact that many commercial medications are at an adult dosage, medicating a sick child correctly can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately we are able to assist. Most medications can be compounded into a pleasantly flavourerd oral solution available in many forms such as suspensions, concentrates, lozenges or gels. This way your child can have the medication that they require to get better in a comfortable and stress free manner. Through compounding we can also opt for preservative/dye free options if requested and ensure allergies (such a gluten intolerance etc) are adhered to so as to not put your child’s health or immune system at risk. Compounding is a wonderful option when it comes to managing the health of your little loved ones.


Customised Medication Solutions
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